Former Board Members & Key Personnel

Former Chairman

Robert McEniry
Former President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Australia and an experienced and passionate supporter of the Australian auto industry.

Former Directors

Bruce Griffiths
Executive Chairman of Futuris and Chairman of the international business development working group of the Auto Manufacturing Council.

Ian McCleave
Chief Executive Officer of EV Engineering Limited, formerly Executive Director of Planning and Program Management at General Motors Holden and member of Holden’s Board of Directors.

Allan Robins
General Manager - Business Development at Air International.

David Jahshan
Chief Technology Officer and Director of Axiflux and the inventor of the Axiflux Adaptive Magnetic Flux Arrange (AMFA) technology.

The Former EV Engineering Team


Chief Executive Officer

Ian McCleave, formerly Executive Director of Planning and Program Management at GM Holden. Ian has more than 40 years of experience in the Australian auto industry.


Chief Engineer

Tim Olding, former Managing Engineer at GM Holden. Tim has more than 20 years of experience in the Australian auto industry and is a specialist in development of advanced and alternative power trains and standards.


Company Secretary

Mounir Kiwan was a former a Manager at Better Place, the global provider of electric car networks founded in Silicon Valley and currently Business Development Manager at investment management firm Crescent Wealth.


Chief Financial Officer

Darcy Naunton, Partner at Adventure Capital, CFO of Axiflux and Managing Director of York Butter Factory technology-based coworking space. Darcy was previously an Investment Analyst at a major institutional asset consultant Mercer Investment Consulting.